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Shari is a gifted intuitive and guide. With compassion, wisdom, humor, authenticity and grit, Shari always helps me back on my path feeling empowered and in harmony with my life’s purpose. Through her readings, she has helped me to release negative patterns, uncover deep truths and evolve in positive ways with awareness in every aspect of my life from my career to my relationships. Her brilliant insights and guidance are transformative. The best presents I have ever given myself, my friends and loved ones are readings from Shari.



Shari, thank you for your healing powers, I always feel so much better after we talk!


San Francisco

Do you want to find out really quickly what is holding you back in your life? Call Shari. She will tell you what is up with no sugar-coating, a good dose of humor and lots of practical advice. She is an unbelievable asset for anyone who is ready to make necessary changes but needs a push from someone they will surely trust. I cannot recommend her highly enough.



I am so grateful that a friend of mine turned me on to Shari. I really look forward to our sessions and I know that I can count on her guidance to get me back on track when I get stuck. G.M.


I’m amazed at how you zoom right in on the issues in which I most need guidance, and not just out my challenge (which I generally know intuitively to be true) but provide healing advice that works in real time. Thank you, Shari.