How I got here:

While I have always had an uncanny ability to hear, sense and understand messages being presented to me by a higher power, a near-death experience at the age of 20 brought much greater clarity to my abilities.

That life-altering experience turned out to be the beginning of a 12-year cycle in which I was tested to my limit; first by a health crisis where I almost lost my life, then by the death of my fiancé, followed by the passing of my mom, and culminating with a diagnosis of cancer. During this time and since, I have learned to rely on the inner wisdom and consciousness that lies within each of us. In time, I came to a place of absolute knowing that everything that happened to me was divine intervention and a preparation for what would become my life’s work.

This experience opened the door for me to share my gift with others. My hope is that I can bring you to a place where you feel your own inner wisdom, hear and trust in your own guides and receive the love that always surrounds each of us.

What I do:

As an intuitive life coach I use the ancient art of tarot as a tool to intuit information to help guide and heal you. For centuries, tarot has been used for its straightforward insights into human existence. For me, the cards act as signposts, revealing successes and challenges in your life and hinting at the path to your greatest potential.  I use the cards to tap into your energy.  Once I connect, I will be given information about you and your journey and I will have the ability to help.